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SSP04983 Hybridisation oven 7 place rack digital control with 4 tubes - Techne HB-1D Enquire Now
SSP05072 Hybridisation oven chamber (140x140x120mm) PID temperature control to 80C three carousels for 50,10,2ml tubes manual - Grant-Boekel HIM 20 Enquire Now
SSP04647 Hybridisation oven / shaker 7 place rack LCD display variable parameters - Amersham RPN2510 Enquire Now
SSP04683 Hybridisation oven/workstation, two independent chambers (23x35x23cm) temperature to 80C shaking platform, rotisserie, manual - Biometra Duo-therm Enquire Now

Real time qPCR PC control with fluorescence and FRET chemistries with software - Stratagene MX3000P

Enquire Now
SSP04123 Thermal cycler for 48 tubes - Perkin-Elmer 480 Enquire Now
SSP05444 Thermal cycler programmable 20 x 0.5 ml PCR tubes LCD display - Techne Progene Enquire Now
SSP04645 Thermal cycler programmable 24 wells to 99C - Hybaid Sprint Enquire Now
SSP05048 Thermal cycler programmable 96 x 0.2ml PCR tubes LCD display manual - MJ Research PTC-100 Enquire Now
SSP04644 Thermal cycler programmable Robocycler 4 blocks 96 wells with robotic arm hot plate assembly - Stratagene Gradient 96 Enquire Now
SSP03956 Thermocycler programmable, fine temperature control, personal memory card, PC & printer ports with manual - Eppendorf Mastercycler Personal Enquire Now

Thermocycler with master controller and 3 interconnecting thermo-modules Peltier cooling/heating 96 x 0.2ml tubes - Eppendorf Mastercycler EP Gradient S

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SSP04973 Thermomixer programmable to 99C LCD block heater/cooler/mixer speed to 1500 rpm - Eppendorf Comfort Enquire Now

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