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Microplate Instrumentation

SSP05895 Liquid handling system designed for 96 well plates volume range of 25 to 200 µL in 5 µL increments portable autoclavable with manual - Corning Transtar-96 Enquire Now
SSP05640 Microplate 96 / 384 well reagent dispenser programmable 5 to 6000 ul / well up to 75 programs with manual - Biotek U-Fill Enquire Now

Microplate dispenser 96 to 384 well programmable with fill volume 5 ul to 6000 ul users manual - Biotek AF1000A

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Microplate EIA reader 96 well 7 filters digital display printer RS232C interface with manual - Labsystems Multiskan MS

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SSP05706 Microplate EIA reader 96 well with 8 filter settings  405 - 690nm vibratory shaking digital display with printer - Labsystems Multiskan EX Enquire Now
SSP05041 Microplate incubator 18 litre capacity for 24 plates four shelves fan forced digital display - Stuart Scientific SI 18 Enquire Now

Microplate incubator / shaker 3 place single cabin unit with programmable settings on LCD - Thermo Scientific iEMS

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SSP05563 Microplate Incubator/shaker for 2 x 96 well plates digitally controlled 8-speed orbital mixing from 575 to 1500 rpm with timer ambient to 40C with 0.1C accuracy - Sanofi Diagnostics Stat Fax 2200 Enquire Now

Microplate reader software driven fluorescence absorbance luminescence temperature shaking modes filters manuals - Tecan SpectraFluor Plus

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Microplate reader multi modal fluorescence luminescence absorbance UV/Vis with combined optical system software driven features - BMG Labtech FLUOROstar OPTIMA

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SSP04433 Microplate reader LC display with interference filters 570, 560, 490, 405nm with printer - Bio Rad 450 Enquire Now
SSP05796 Microplate reader programmable dual wavelength 350 - 800 nm filter select with shaking facility includes software - Thermo Labsystems  Ascent 354 Enquire Now
SSP05133 Microplate reader programmable LC screen filters 340 to 750nm onboard temperature incubation & vibratory mixer RS232C printer interface with manual - Bio Rad 680 XR Enquire Now

Microplate reader programmable with LC display filters 405 450 490 630 nm shaking and heating facilities - Biotek EL 808

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SSP05181 Microplate reader single and dual wavelength four filter auto select manual - Biotek ELX 800 Enquire Now
SSP05475 Microplate reader single & multi wavelength programmable with plate mixing & manual - Dynex Technologies Opsys MR Enquire Now

Microplate reader UV/Vis 250 - 750 nm with kinetic / endpoint / shaking / heating modes manual - Molecular Devices SPECTRAmax 250

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SSP05773 Microplate reader with 340 to 650 nm filter selects incubation to 37C kinetic modes RS232 port and manual - Molecular Devices THERMOmax Enquire Now
SSP05035 Microplate reader with filter wheel 405 - 690nm digital display keypad printer - Titertek MCC Enquire Now

Microplate robotic sample processor for 96 well plates 8 channel pipette including single channel probe with software - Biotek Precision XS

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SSP05888 Microplate shaker 4 place with digital speed control & timer - New in box - Thermo Scientific Minimix MN201 Enquire Now
SGE04636 Microplate shaker for 4 plates, variable speed 100-1350 rpm, timer to 120 minutes - Heidolph Titramax100 Enquire Now
SSP03531 Microplate shaker for two plates fixed speed - Denley Wellmixx Enquire Now
SSP04540 Microplate shaker for two plates variable speed & timer digital display - Seoulin Biosciences SLPSU-2T Enquire Now
SSP04145 Microplate shaker for two plates variable speed & timer - Edwards Micro-Mixer Enquire Now
SSP02781 Microplate shaker for two plates variable speed & timer - IBG MS Enquire Now

Microplate shaker temperature to 40C speed 60 - 1100 rpm timer to 99 days on LC display - CAT SH26

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SSP05386 Microplate warmer digital display temperature set to 50C time set to 180 min - Labsystems Solo Enquire Now
SSP05917 Microplate washer automated with 8 channel manifold vacuum filtration and biomagnetic separation facilities with manual - Biotek ELx50/8FMW Enquire Now

Microplate wash station programmable with 8 row wash sequence designed for Bio Rad Bio-Plex assay system - Bio Rad Bio-Plex Pro II

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SSP02416 Photometer 450nm, with incubator shaker compartment & washer module - Roche EIA Enquire Now
SSP05353 Plate & strip washer general purpose programmable LC display 96 well auto function with inbuilt vacuum pump - Wallac Delfia 1296-026 Enquire Now
SSP05019 Plate washer basic with aspirate/dispense controls with W008 vacuum /pressure pump /wash media dispenser module, manuals - Denley Wellwash 2 Enquire Now
SSP05908 Plate washer programmable features on LC screen with 8 channel manifold agitation mode wash / rinse waste reservoirs - Bio Rad 1575 Wellwash Enquire Now
SSP05812 Plate washer programmable with 8 wash and soak cycles dispense/aspirate/prime/rinse modes 8 & 12 plate - Molecular Devices MAXline Enquire Now
SSP05054 Plate washer programmable with auto functions 16 wash sequences LCD screen waste reservoirs, manual - Skatron Skan Wash 300 12010 Enquire Now
SSP05069 Plate washer programmable with auto functions LCD screen 8 &12 port manifold with manual - TriContinent MultiWash II Enquire Now
SSP04306 Twin shaking water bath for four plates variable speed & timer digital display - Robbins Scientific Gemini Enquire Now

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