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Electrophoresis / Molecular Biology

SSP03907 Blotter cell for two "Criterion gels" in 30 - 60 min. with closed electrodes for max. field strength in rapid transfers - Bio Rad Criterion Blotter Enquire Now
SSP03906 Cell 'Criterion' with lower & upper electrodes - Bio Rad Criterion Cell Enquire Now

Cell for 2D six place protein electrophoresis system for 26 x 20 cm gel slabs circulator heat exchanger - GE Amersham Ettan DALTsix

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SSP03912 Cell for simultaneous analysis of 51 or 96 samples per gel where high voltages or extended runs are required - Bio Rad Sub Cell model 96 Enquire Now
SSP03939 Cell horizontal for 10 x 15 cm gels with buffer recirculation - Shelton Scientific-IBI Biomax MP1015 Enquire Now
SSP03935 Cell horizontal for 13 x 16 cm gels to run up to 32 samples per gel or 48 with accessory comb - Fisher FB-SB-1316 Enquire Now
SSP03940 Cell horizontal for 20x25mm gels suited for DNA separations with buffer recirculation - Shelton Scientific-IBI Biomax HR2025 Enquire Now
SSP03937 Cell horizontal for 20x25mm gels to run up to 4x36 samples lots - Fisher FB-SB-2025 Enquire Now
SSP03934 Cell horizontal for 7x10mm gels to run 24 samples per gel - Fisher Biotech FB-SB-710 Enquire Now
SSP03909 Cell horizontal for rapid separations of 30 samples of small DNA fragments on 7 x 7 and 7 x 10 cm gels - Bio Rad Mini Sub Cell GT Enquire Now
SSP04857 Cell horizontal 'submarine' with built-in cooling plate - Pharmacia Biotech GNA 200 Enquire Now
SSP04491 Cell IEF 2-D electrophoretic transfer modular horizontal system buffer tank cooling plate 'Novablot' electrodes PDF manual - Pharmacia Multiphore II Enquire Now
SSP03897 Cell IEF dedicated system for running IPG strips optimized to perform first-dimension isoelectric focus up to 24- 7cm strips integrated 10000V 2.4mA P/S preset methods & real-time editing RS232 optional printer - Bio Rad Protean IEF Cell Enquire Now
SSP03908 Cell 'Mini IEF' for rapid screening includes casting tray - Bio Rad Mini IEF Cell Enquire Now
SSP03914 Cell 'Mini prep' continuous elution electrophoresis system 'as new' - Bio Rad Mini Prep Cell Enquire Now
SSP03904 Cell Mini Trans-Blot for rapid running of up to 2 minigel blots in 1 hr transfer time - Bio Rad Mini Protean II Enquire Now
SSP03903 Cell 'Multi-casting' suited for hand cast gels - Bio Rad Mini Protean II Enquire Now
SSP02360 Cell 'Ready Gel' - Bio Rad Mini Protean II Enquire Now
SSP03911 Cell Sub GT suitable for wide choice gel lengths - Bio Rad Sub Cell GT Enquire Now
SSP03919 Cell system western blot transfer of protein and southern or northern blot transfer of DNA/RNA onto membranes - Invitrogen XCell II Blot Module Enquire Now
SSP03918 Cell vertical 10x10cm gel (cassette) Surelock mini cell system with manual - Invitrogen XCell SureLock Mini-Cell Enquire Now
SSP03931 Cell vertical with Mini Trans-Blot transfer for rapid transfer of two gel blots in 1 Hr - Bio Rad Mini Protean 3 Cell Enquire Now
SSP03930 Cell vertical with 'Ready Gel' cell frame for precast gels - Bio Rad Mini Protean 3 Cell Enquire Now
SSP04856 Cell vertical with wide format cell frame to run up to four 16x16 or 16x20cm gels simultaneously with central cooling - Bio Rad Protean II xi Enquire Now
SSP03910 Cell 'wide mini' suited for rapid screening applications with a wider separation platform of 30 to 60 samples per gel - Bio Rad Wide Mini Sub Cell GT Enquire Now
SSP05519 DNA / RNA oligonucleotides photometer using 260 / 280 / 595 nm filters over range 0 - 1.999 A for direct quantitation and results - Biochrom WPA UV 1101 Enquire Now
SSP05721 DNA /RNA spectrophotometer for protein calculations and quantification LC display with manual - Pharmacia GeneQuant pro Enquire Now
SSP03905 Electro-Eluter preparative recovery for single or multiple gels - Bio Rad Mini Protean II Enquire Now
SSP03543 Fluorescent scanner for gells up to 20 x 25cm with fragment analysis software - Amersham Fluorimager 595 Enquire Now

Gel-based integrated electrophoresis system comprising imager, electrophoresis priming and vortex stations - Bio Rad Experion

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Gel documentation imaging system standalone with touch screen control 312nm transilluminator CCD camera printer USB port - Wealtec Dolphin-View

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SSP03785 Gel dryer 350 x 450mm 3 programmable cycles selectable temperature range LED display - Bio Rad 583 Enquire Now
SSP03277 Gel dryer 360 x 190mm with timer - Hoefer SE540 Enquire Now
SSP02260 Gel dryer with timer - LKB 2003 Enquire Now
SSP03778 Gel dryer with timer & temperature control to 80C working area 50x40cm - Savant SGD 4050 Enquire Now
SSP02609 Gel Eluter 'as new' - Bio Rad Enquire Now

Gel system with casting tray for 90x200x10mm gels on UV transparent tray levelling feet - Thermo EC EC340 MaxcelliPrimo

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SSP03913 Microfiltration unit - Bio Rad Bio-Dot SF Enquire Now
SSP01070 Power supply analogue 500V 25 & 120mA - "No Name" Enquire Now
SSP04908 Power supply constant voltage four channel for DNA sequencing 10 - 2000 volts / 200 mA includes manual - Bio Rad 2000/200 Enquire Now
SSP05635 Power supply dual channel digital display variable voltage to 3000v 300mA 400w 4 operating modes with manual - Bio Rad 3000xi Enquire Now
SSP04685 Power supply dual channel digital variable voltage to 3500V /400mA 200W - Amersham Pharmacia EPS 3501 XL Enquire Now
SSP02789 Power supply dual outputs programmable digital display 0-2000V 200mA - LKB 2103 Enquire Now
SSP03601 Power supply dual range analogue 0-500V 30 &150 mA with reverse mode - Shandon Southern V500/150 Enquire Now
SSP05890 Power supply four channel programmable on LC display for high current applications constant output to 250V / 3A / 300W - Bio Rad PowerPac HC Enquire Now
SSP05160 Power supply four channel programmable 1000V 200mA time based method LCD display - Proteome Systems 6000P Series 90 Enquire Now
SSP03900 Power supply four channel programmable output voltage to 200V 2A timer to 999min LED display power safety features, manual - Bio Rad PowerPac200 Enquire Now
SSP03602 Power Supply; independent dual output, 0 - 400 V, 0 - 100 uA, 10 - 25 mA range selection - BED 01A Enquire Now
SSP01213 Power supply - programmable 0-999V 0-400mA - LKB 2301 Enquire Now

Power supply programmable dual channel LC display voltage to 6000V / 200mA / 200W - Thermo Electron PRO6000

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Transfer cell semi - dry for gel transfer in 15 - 60 min with safety interlocks user manual - Bio Rad Trans-Blot SD

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SSP05003 Transilluminator dual range 4 x 15W UV-B lamps 200 x200mm filter plate - UVP M-20 Enquire Now

Transilluminator white light for use with  Bio-Rad Gel Doc and Chemi Doc systems - Bio Rad White Light 2000

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SSP04910 Transilluminator with 200 mm square window 312nm 70% or 100% intensity with manual - Vilber Lourmat TFX-20M Enquire Now

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