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Cell counter analysis system for 1 - 90 um cell size concentration viability morphological characteristics on digital imaging recognition technology - Innovatis Cedex HiRes

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Elemental analysis for Carbon and Nitrogen includes software and accessories 240V 15A - Leco Truespec CN

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SSP04258 Fibre analyzer for batch handling of samples (0.5-3g) complete with hotplate glassware capsules trays etc - Foss Tecator Fibertec 2021 Enquire Now
SSP05722 Flow Cytometer, Cytometric Bead Array System (CBA) - Becton Dickinson FACSArray Enquire Now

Liquid scintillation counter for on site PYtest*14C-Urea breath test measurements on digital display printer & manual - Kimberley-Clark MicroCOUNT*LITE

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SSP05787 Luminometer portable in carrying case for rapid assay of microbial contamination sensitivity to 1 CFU with printer and manual - Pall Pallchek Enquire Now

Nitrogen / Protein determinator with auto sampler, range of accessories including operating software - Leco FP-528

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SSP05573 Nitrogen & Sulphur Pyro-Fluorescence analyzer with 735 syringe drive, accessories & operation manual - Antek 7000B-N Enquire Now
SSP04767 Total organic carbon analyser for measuring TOC,TC,IC,NPOC by combustion/non-dispersive IR gas analysis method auto features - Shimadzu TOC-5000A Enquire Now

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