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Air Sampling


Air sampler with multi gas sensors particulate measurement data sampling storage including software and manual - IQM 60

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SSP02813 Microbial air sampler, portable with IR remote controller, high flow 10 -1000L measurement range - Biotest RCS High Flow Enquire Now

Particle counter portable six channel 0.3 - 10.0 um detector with ethernet / USB PC access charger - Beckman Coulter HHPC 6+

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SSP04454 Particle counter, portable with isokinetic probe, laser based microprossor keypad control - Pacific Scientific Instruments 227 MetOne Enquire Now

Particle monitor portable for particle size 0.5 to 25 um with LC screen sampling probe inbuilt printer and manual - Particle Monitoring Systems Lasair II 510Ab

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SSP05905 Particulate air monitor real-time profile for environmental trace particle pollution range 0.001 to 200 mg/m3 1 - 100 um with manual - Environmental Devices Corp EPAM-5000 Enquire Now
SSP05078 Portable Gas Monitor, for deficiency and hazardous levels of O2, cell deficiency compensation, toxic, STEL / TWA audible alarm, LED display, manual - Zellweger Analysis ImpulseXP Enquire Now
SSP05622 Portable gas monitor for formaldehyde digital display with standards, case and manual - Lion mk 2 Enquire Now

Portable gas monitor for fumigation / anaesthetic gases in % volume concentration on digital display - Rikin Keiki FL-21

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SSP04564 Portable multi-gas monitor for O2/CO2/H2/NO/SO2, temperature, pressure,velocity, etc. -40 to1000C flue gas temp probe, intrinsicaly safe, complete with case, charger, printer & manual - TESTO 300XL Enquire Now
SSP02961 Portable multi-gas monitor for O2/NH3/LEL complete with SP402 sampling pump - Industrial Scientific Corp. LTX310 Enquire Now

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