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SPA03196 Blood grouping block heater digital touch screen includes reagent cassettes - Ortho Diagnostics BioVue Enquire Now
SPA02804 Blood pack water bath - Tuta Enquire Now
SPA05111 Bone cartilage and tissue saw comprising speed control unit foot switch adjustable end stop sliding sample mounting stage blades for fine section cutting and operators manual - Material Science NW Ltd Enquire Now
SPA04150 Cell washer automatic with spare rotor - Baxter Dade DAC11 Enquire Now
SPA01616 Cell washing centrifuge with digital display touch key pad high / low settings - Baxter Immufuge 11 Enquire Now
SPA04725 Colony counter digital electronic pressure sensor with centering adapter & magnifier - Stuart Scientific SC5 Enquire Now
SPA01362 Disc dispensers 6 place - Oxoid Enquire Now
SPA04665 Floatation bath 2.5 litres with variable thermostat remote controller to 75C - Electrothermal MH8501 Enquire Now
SPA05023 Floatation bath 3.25 litre temp control up to 70C LED display - Anglia Scientific AS1590 Enquire Now
SPA02907 Haemoglobin detector and step gradient controller - Bio Rad Enquire Now

Hybridization benchtop oven for "RNAscope" RNA-ISH assay temperature controlled humidifying chamber for up to 20 slides - Advanced Cell Diagnostics HybEZ Oven

Enquire Now
SPA05916 Immunochromatographic dipstick reader for quantitative immunological measurements includes MS1000 software and accessories - Hamamatsu ICA-1000 Enquire Now
SPA03876 Immunoperoxidase staining system - Dako Enquire Now

Micro writer slide labeller automated for engraving ID and bar codes on slides with vacuum dust extractor - Thermo Scientific Shandon E22.01MWS

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Slide warmer 390 x 290 mm drying plate with PID temperature control to 100C - Medax 13801

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Steriliser for inoculating loops and needles - Oxford Bacti-Cinerator III

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SPA05647 Tissue grinder kit includes 1 stainless steel 85 ml cup with 40 50 & 60 mesh screens 2 glass pestles screen replacement keys - Sigma Aldrich CD1-1KT Enquire Now
SPA04666 Wax dispenser 4.5 litres with thermostat control to 75C - Electrothermal MH8523B Enquire Now

Wax trimmer for post embedded tissue cassettes with heated ridged surface - Thermo Scientific Shandon  Para Trimmer

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