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Microtomes & Accessories

SPA01235 CO2 freezing stage type bench mounted - Leica Enquire Now
SPA04804 Rotary Microtome with disposable knife holder - Reichert Jung 2030 Enquire Now
SPA04805 Rotary Microtome with disposable knife holder - Reichert Jung 2035 Enquire Now
SPA04806 Rotary microtome with solid knife - Anglia Scientific Enquire Now
SPA05409 Rotary microtome motorized programmable for soft to hard material sectioning includes foot pedal - Reichert Jung SuperCut 2050 Enquire Now
SPA02651 Solid knife sharpener - Shandon Autosharp 5 Enquire Now
SPA04844 Thermal electric freezing stage with 55mm2 Peltier 0 to -40C universal lockable joint - Shandon 0207/50/230 Enquire Now

Rotary microtome 1 - 60 um thickness manual hand wheel sectioning with disposable knife holder - Leica RM 2135

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Sliding microtome 1 to 100 um cut motorised up / down travel auto fine/ trim feed LC display - Microm HM 440E

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Vibrating tissue sectioning microtome designed for unfrozen non embedded soft tissue on pre adjusted settings - Vibratome Series 1000

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