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SOP05090 Fluorometer for myotoxin assay with dedicated test kit includes inbuilt printer LED display RS232 interface & manual - VICAM Series-4 Enquire Now

Luminometer LSC system for detection of drug residues in food stuffs includes block heater and manual - Charm Sciences Inc Charm LSC 6600

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Photometer portable 420nm fixed wavelength range 0 - 2.5 AU on LC display with 25 mm cuvettes - Hach PocketColorimeterII

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Single beam compact UV / Vis range 198 to 1000 nm on LC display with xenon flash lamp - Jenway 6305

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SOP04942 Spectrophotometer portable digital analysis system for Chlorine, Bromine, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, pH ppm levels in water samples - ProMinent Dulcotest DT1 Enquire Now
SOP05290 UV/VIS double beam 190 - 1100 nm programmable functions with graphic on screen scanning mode RS232 / printer port - ATI Unicam UV2-100 Enquire Now

UV/VIS double beam 190 - 1100 nm range LED display mode control, printer port, manual - Shimadzu UV - 1601

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UV/Vis double beam 190 - 1100 nm range programable with multi-modal features on large LC display - Shimadzu UV-1700 Pharmaspec

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UV/Vis dual beam 190 - 90 nm Win UV software control with PC Peltier temp controller sample stirrer manual - Varian Cary Bio 300 UV-VIS

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SOP 04684

UV/VIS single beam 190 -1000 nm scan to 24000 nm/min with peltier water heater & 18 cell holder Xenon lamp Cary Win UV software manuals and PC - Varian Cary 50 Bio UV-VIS

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SOP05373 UV/VIS single beam 190 - 800nm diode array with built-in software, manual - Beckman DU7500 Enquire Now
SOP05548 UV/VIS single beam 190 - 900 nm range with scan mode 8 place carousel & manual - Pharmacia Ultrospec 2000 Enquire Now
SOP05481 UV/VIS single beam 200 - 800 nm programmable with in-built printer DNA / RNA / protein programs kinetics & scanning modes with manual - Bio Rad SmartSpec 3000 Enquire Now
SOP05828 UV/VIS single beam 20 - 110 nm programmable with large LCD six place multi cell holder users manual - Shimadzu UV-1201 Enquire Now
SOP04268 UV/VIS single beam, microprocessor windows display monitor & mouse control 190 -1100nm variable functions manual - Beckman DU 650 Enquire Now
SOP03970 Visible bench photometer battery operated microprocesor controlled for quantitation of 46 water / wastewater COD components - Hanna C99 Enquire Now
SOP04276 Visible range portable nitrate meter with standards manual as new condition - Hanna HI93728 Enquire Now
SOP05742 VIS single beam 325 - 900 nm programmable with scanning kinetic modes and printer port - Amersham Biosciences Ultrospec 500Pro Enquire Now

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