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SOP02418 Assorted quartz & glass cuvettes available - please enquire - Enquire Now
SOP04759 Colour comparator includes 8 colour wheels, 6 x 2ml glass cuvettes - Lovibond 2000 Enquire Now

Colour gloss analyser programmable with 10 cm scan length calibration plate software battery operated - Gardner Wave -Scan T

Enquire Now
SOP05802 FTIR universal accessory ATR kit equipped with trough for liquids / powder analysis, and flat crystal plate for film analysis - Pike Technologies Value-Line Kit Enquire Now
SOP05173 IR polishing kit - Specac Enquire Now
SOP04946 KBr IR dye 13mm 10 ton max complete with pellets & anvil - Perkin-Elmer Enquire Now
SOP04992 Pyrex gas cell 100mm for IR spectroscopy with KBr windows - Spectra 5001 Enquire Now

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