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SMI04929 Binocular 18/110x zoom magnification on adjustable small stand - Olympus SZ11 Enquire Now
SMI04753 Binocular 6/40x zoom magnification on boom stand - Leica S6E Enquire Now
SMI05006 Binocular 6/40x zoom magnification on small rack stand - Leica S6E Enquire Now
SMI05382 Binocular 6/40x zoom magnification with diascopic light base/illuminator - Wild M3Z Enquire Now
SMI05695 Binocular 7/40x zoom magnification 10x-ESD/22 eyepieces with small rack stand - Olympus SZ40 ESD Enquire Now
SMI05383 Binocular 7/40x zoom magnification on small base - Olympus SZ40 Enquire Now
SMI05502 Binocular 8/50x zoom magnification 10x 22 widefield eyepiece with built-in diopter adjuster on C-PS adjustable rack stand - Nikon SMZ645 Enquire Now

Binocular/Trinocular 7/45x zoom magnification 'new in box' various configurations available - along with new compound models - see under New Equipment

Enquire Now
SMI02662 Trinocular 18/110x zoom magnification with optional transmitted light base & optional SZ-PT phototube - Olympus SZ11 Enquire Now
SMI05381 Trinocular 7/45x zoom magnification with LED light base & ring illumination c mount option 'new' - Zenith SZM B8L3 Enquire Now

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