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Compound - Upright / Inverted

SMI05355 Binocular 3 objectives phase/ DF condenser Koehler illumination 20W light source - Zeiss Axioskop 20 Enquire Now
SMI05011 Binocular 4 objectives inbuilt 20W light - Olympus BH2 Enquire Now
SMI04426 Binocular 4 objectives inbuilt illumination - Zeiss 16 Enquire Now
SMI05591 Binocular 4 objectives inbuilt light with phase option - Olympus BH Enquire Now

Binocular 4 Plan objectives 30W Koehler illumination - Olympus CX40

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Binocular 4 plan objectives 3W LED illumination 'New' - Sunny Optical E5-201

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Binocular with 4x, 10x, 40x objectives, x-y stage, 20W illumination - Olympus CX21

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SMI04132 Binocular with phase contrast 3 objectives - Leitz Laborlux S Enquire Now

Binocular with teaching head 4 phase Nplan objectives BF/DF/phase contrast 30W Koehler illumination - Leica DMLB

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Epi-fluorescence trinocular 4 Plan objectives, 100W Hg & 30W QI illumination two fluo filters - Nikon Labophot 2

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SMI05258 Epi-fluorescence trinocular 4 plan objectives with DF/phase contrast, EFD-3 fluorescence attachment 30W & 100W illumination - Nikon Labophot 2 Enquire Now
SMI05567 Epi-fluorescence trinocular for transmitted & reflected light (& DIC) with 5 Plan objectives 2 filter blocks 100W Hg &100W QI light source - Zeiss Axioskop 2 Plus Enquire Now
SMI05594 Epi-fluorescence trinocular phase condenser 16, 25, 40, 100x objectives, 2 pos filter block, 15W halogen & 50W Hg illumination - Zeiss 16 Enquire Now

Epi-fluorescence trinocular transmitted & reflected light 3 objectives filter block 50W HBO - Zeiss Axiolab

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Epi-fluorescence trinocular with 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x Plan Neofluar phase objectives, phase condenser, 2 filter blocks 100W & 50W illumination - Zeiss Axioskop

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Inverted binocular 5x 10x 20x LWD objectives T31 ph slider, 0.4 condenser, 20W illumination - Zeiss Telaval 31

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Inverted binocular SPplan4 PL, 10PL, LWD c20x objectives brightfield & phase contrast ULWCD 0.30 condenser 20W illumination - Olympus CK2

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Inverted trinocular phase contrast IX2-SL slider, Uplan FLN 4x php, LCArch 20x php, LCArch 40x php, x-y stage, 30W illumination - Olympus CKX41

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Metallurgical binocular inspection microscope WF eyepieces,10X, 20x LMPlan objectives, LED illumination, lge x-y stage - Olympus BX41M-LED

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SMI02349 Monocular / binocular with range of abbe & phase condensors, objectives & light source - Olympus E Series Enquire Now
SMI05500 Polarising, monocular with Bertrand lens, 2.5, 10, 40x objectives,10x cross-hair eyepiece rotating stage in-built illumination - Zeiss 16 Enquire Now
SMI04927 Trinocular 3 objectives phase condenser koehler illumination in-built 20W light source - Leitz Laborlux K Enquire Now

Trinocular 4 objectives phase/ DF condenser polarization option 20W Koehler illumination - Zeiss Axioskop 20

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SMI04428 Trinocular 4 objectives with inbuilt illumination - Zeiss 16 Enquire Now
SMI02852 Trinocular 4 objectives with inbuilt light - Leitz SM-LUX Enquire Now
SMI05259 Trinocular 4 plan objectives 30W illumination with filter cassette - Nikon Labophot 2 Enquire Now
SMI05260 Trinocular 4 plan objectives phase/DF condenser filter holder 50W illumination - Nikon Optiphot 2 Enquire Now
SMI05262 Trinocular 4 plan objectives ultra wide field 10x eyepiece built-in filter system 50W illumination - Nikon Optiphot Enquire Now

Trinocular 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x plan objectives 3W LED Koehler illumination c-mount adapter. 'New' - Sunny Optical EX20

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SMI05256 Trinocular 5 splan objectives 100W illumination, 3-way teaching head option available - Olympus BH2 Enquire Now

Trinocular BF/ DF phase contrast condenser, 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x plan ph objectives, polarizer/analyser, new x-y stage, 100W illumination, U-TV0.5x c-mount - Olympus BX53

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Trinocular tilting head with 10x, 20x, 40x plan objectives, x-y stage, LED illuminator intensity manager - Olympus BX43

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Trinocular with 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x plan objectives, polarizer/analyser, U-TV0.5x c-mount, optional DP22 USB3 camera, DP-SAL controller and Cell imaging software - Olympus BX41

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Trinocular with reflected & transmitted light 4 plan objectives polariser filter holder 20 & 50W illumination - Nikon Optiphot

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