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Water Purification Systems

SGE05068 Water purification system for treatment of potable (tap) water through 'Progard' pretreatment & electrodionization module 50 to 100 litres/day output - Millipore Elix 5 Enquire Now
SGE03117 Water purification system including cartridge pack - Millipore Milli-Q plus Enquire Now

Purification system for type I water 18.2 Mohm-cm water at 2L / min with TOC monitoring UV sanitisation - Elga PURELAB Ultra Genetic

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RO purification system for ASTM Type 1 water up to 2L / min programmable with 20L tank dispensing gun & prefilter system - Sartorius Arium Comfort

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Water purification grade II 6L/hr from potable water through RO and ion exchange purification pack - Millipore Milli-U10

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SGE05784 Water purification system 1.5 L/min of type I water quality monitored on digital display with user manual - Sartorius Arium 611VF Enquire Now
SGE05732 Water purification system for 1.5 L / min 18.2 M ohm-cm resistivity low organic free water with manual - Millipore Academic Milli-Q Enquire Now

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