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Water Baths / Circulators

SGE03292 25 litre uncirculated bath with thermostat control analog display & S/S lid - Kotterman 3044 Enquire Now
SGE03401 40 litre uncirculated bath thermostat control with gable lid - Qualtex Enquire Now

7 litre bath with heater/circulator constant temperature to 150C 2 stage pump digital control - Neslab EX-111

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SGE03749 Boiling bath s/steel circular rings accommodate single flask up to 20 litres thermostat control 1500W - Labec Enquire Now

22 litre uncirculated bath solid state temperature control digital display temperature to 95C - Memmert WB22

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4.5 litre refrigerated / heating circular, integrated programmer, temperature 28 - 200C, Pt100 external connection, adjustable Smart Pump, Active Cooling Control - Julabo F25-ME

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Shaking bath 18 litre linear motion 40 - 400/min temperature +5 to 99C with s/s gable lid - Grant GLS400

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Shaking bath 20 litre microprocessor control motion 20 - 200/min temperature +5 to 99C RS232 - Julabo SW22

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