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Vortex Mixers

SGE03211 Fixed speed to 3000rpm on / off pressure switch spare pad 'new' - Thermolyne M-16710 Enquire Now
SGE01191 Rack system for multiple tubes variable speed with timer - Corning 4010 Enquire Now
SGE04640 Tube mixer / microtitter orbital shaker 200- 2500rpm continuous or touch operation - IKA MS1 Enquire Now
SGE03212 Variable speed continuous or touch operation - Thermolyne 37600 Enquire Now
SGE05673 Variable speed to 3000 rpm timer digital display with touch function - IKA MS3 Digital Enquire Now
SGE05672 Variable speed to 3000 rpm with touch control - IKA MS3 Basic Enquire Now

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