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Vacuum Pumps

SGE04887 Double head med displacement diaphragm pump -100kPa (30" Hg) 115V with transformer - Chemglass MPU Enquire Now
SGE04026 Double stage in-line rotary vane oil pump high vacuum > 0.01 Torr 5.6 m3 / hr displacement - Edwards E2M5 Enquire Now
SGE05127 Double stage oil high displacement 2 x 10-3 bar (1.5 x 10-3 torr) with low and high flow gas ballast 61.7L/min (3.7m3/h-1) - Edwards RV3 Enquire Now
SGE03320 Double stage oil high displacement high vacuum ~ 0.01 torr - Sargent Welch 8814A Enquire Now
SGE04641 Double stage oil medium displacement 11.4 m3 h-1 high vacuum < 0.01 torr - Edwards E2M8 Enquire Now
SGE04311 Double venturi high performance internal water circulating pump with cooling stage & timer -97kPa (29"Hg) - Bio Rad HydroTech Enquire Now
SGE05208 Double venturi internal circulating vacuum pump to 30" Hg (-102kPa) - EYELA A-3S Enquire Now
SGE05708 Dual head chemical resistant diaphragm pump with dual catch pots, 29"Hg (100 kPa) - Vacuubrand MZ 2C Enquire Now
SGE04362 Dual head diaphragm pump 23.5" Hg (-80 kPa) vacuum - Charles Austen Duplex 44 Enquire Now
SGE05188 Dual stage oil displacement to 14 m3 h-1 vacuum to > 0.01 torr - Edwards EDM 12 Enquire Now
SGE05681 Dual stage rotary vane 10-4 mbar displacement 32.2 m3 h-1 with trap - Edwards E2M28 Enquire Now
SGE05682 Dual stage rotary vane 2 x 10-2 mbar displacement 20.5m3 h-1 with trap - Edwards E1M18 Enquire Now
SGE05153 Dual stage with high displacement high vacuum to 10-4 mbar pump speed displacement 18.9 m3 h-1 includes oil vapour trap - Leybold Trivac D16B Enquire Now
SGE05044 Single head compact diaphragm pump -80kPa (22.5" Hg) built -in trap & filter, gauge, bleed valve - Eschmann VP25 Enquire Now
SGE04526 Single head low displacement diaphragm pump 25"Hg - Thomas 607CH44 Enquire Now

Double stage chemical resistant diaphragm pump -100 kPa at 1.8m3/h flow rate with gas ballast - Buchi V-700

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Dual piston type pump 15 L / min displacement variable vacuum to -100 kPa with gauge - Ardo Senator 30

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Quiet Cover II, compatible with Edwards E1M18 E2M18 and E2M28 pumps - Agilent G3199b

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Vacuum aspirator adjustable 0 - 29" Hg 2.5 CFM flow rate inbuilt gauge and trap - MD Resources Touchup

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