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Sample Preparation

SGE05366 Ball mill 50 to 2000/min shaking frequency 99 min or continuous mode - Braun Biotech Enquire Now
SGE05427 Ball mill dual chamber digital timer amplitude control for small scale dry grinding - Retsch MM2000 Enquire Now
SGE04662 Centrifical ball type with two 150ml agate jars, clamps & balls, 100-580rpm, timer, manual - Retsch S1000 Enquire Now
SGE04978 Dryer highly efficient bench top unit using heated air (to 200C) to remove moisture & solvents with 2 & 5 litre s/steel tubs - Sherwood Scientific Fluid Bed Dryer Enquire Now
SGE04500 Hammer mill high power grinds wide range of samples cast iron chamber interchangeable sieves - Newport Scientific 6000 Series Enquire Now
SGE03887 IR-sampling grinding mill with agate vessel & 30 min timer - Specac Specamill 6000 Enquire Now
SGE05042 Microfine grinding mill bench unit, interchangeable heads and sieves - IKA MF10 Enquire Now

Mill 50 ml effective volume with option for cooling suitable for hard and soft materials - IKA A10

Enquire Now
SGE05610 Mixer mill high-throughput system for simultaneous, rapid and effective disruption of biological samples, equipped with adapter set (2) for 48x microfuge tubes - Retsch MM 300 Enquire Now
SGE05687 Mortar grinder with agate mortar and pestle, timer control to 60min - Retsch RMO Enquire Now

Polisher - grinder semiautomatic with speed timer pressure settings on LC display users manual - Buhler MINIMET 1000

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SGE05893 Ring Mill with pneumatic mill clamp housed within metal soundproof enclosure 415V 3 phase range of mill heads available at extra cost - Labtechnics LM1/P Enquire Now

Rotary tumbler for up to 4 bottles 160 - 270mm high 1 - 16 rpm - Heidolph REAX 20

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SGE04860 Sample divider with DR100 vibratory feeder and stand - Retsch PT 1000 Enquire Now

Sample splitter 10 x 40mm chutes with 3 collection troughs - Soilcrete

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Sample splitter 12 x 7mm chutes with 3 collection troughs - Soilcrete

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Universal mill 250ml volume 6-7mm grain size s/steel cutter with manual - IKA M20

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Universal polisher single wheel 200mm - Buhler Metaserv

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