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pH / Conductivity


Conductivity meter 0 - 200 mS portable waterproof with probe ATC salinity TDS measurements - YSI EC 300 Ecosence

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SGE03052 Conductivity meter bench model, range 199.9uS - 99.9mS, without probe - Hanna HI 8820N Enquire Now
SGE03886 Conductivity meter portable with probe & calibrators, range 0-20mS/cm, 0-2000uS/cm - Activon AS 301 Enquire Now

Conductivity / TDS / temperature meter with k1.0 and ATC probe range to 20.00 mS/cm conductivity 10ppk TDS -10C to 120C - TPS LabChem-C

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DO portable meter in carrying case microprocessor controlled with probe ATC salinity correction with manual - Orion 820

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SGE03031 pH / conductivity / DO combination meter, digital menu driven, portable & mains - TPS 90 FL Enquire Now
SGE05632 pH/ion meter LCD with auto calibration temperature display probe and manual - Radiometer Analytical IONcheck 10 Enquire Now
SGE05462 pH / Ion / mV meter three channel microprocessor controlled with pH / ATC probes and manual - TPS 900-I3 Enquire Now
SGE05550 pH / Ion / mV meter microprocessor controlled with combination pH / ATC temperature probe auto calibration & manual - Metrohm 780 Enquire Now
SGE04602 pH meter portable 0.00 - 14.00 +/- 0.03 pH two point manual calibration all new in box - HNEI Tester WR Enquire Now
SGE05861 pH meter portable digital multimode programmable with probe and manual - Orion 290A Enquire Now
SGE03551 pH meter portable in case programmable waterproof without probe - WTW pH 330 Enquire Now

pH / mV meter handheld in case programmable with ATC pH probes  & manual - Eutech Ecoscan pH6

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pH / mV / redox meter handheld waterproof programmable multimode function with ATC pH probe & manual - TPS WP-80

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pH / mV / temperature microprocessor controlled auto calibration probe with stand & manual - WTW Inolab level 1

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pH optical DO ORP ISE conductivity temperature two probe input multi meter portable waterproof with USB - Hach HQ40d

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SGE04643 pH portable digital model combination pH electrode, program menu RS232 incl probe & manual - Mettler Toledo MP125 Enquire Now
SGE03810 pH digital bench model combination pH electrode 3 point auto or manual calibration - Orion 420A Enquire Now

Water quality tester simultaneous measurements of six parameters auto calibration hand held in carrying case with printer port - Horiba U-10

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