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Peristaltic Pumps

SGE03576 10 channel system 4mm tubing analog controller variable functions - Activon VTL Enquire Now
SGE03587 10 channel system 4mm tubing separate analog controller variable functions - Watson Marlow 302 Enquire Now
SGE03578 4 channel system touch pad control - ISCO WIZ Enquire Now

Dispensing system programmable 0.5 - 9999.9mls / min with 3 - 8 mm i.d tube size with manual - Jencons Perimatic Premier

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Dosing pump programmable with 8 channel cassette head speed to 170 rpm digital display with manual - Watson Marlow 505Di

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SGE03796 Dual & single channel EasyLoad 7518 pump fixed speed flow rate 2800mls/min with 10ml tubing - Masterflex 07532-02 Enquire Now
SGE04350 Multichannel head (10) low volume flow rate digital controller dual direction and variable speed drive - Watson Marlow 503U Enquire Now
SGE05928 Pump head heavy duty diaphragm PTFE flow to 800 mls / min includes manual - Cole Palmer 7090-42 Enquire Now
SGE03583 Single channel 3mm tubing - LKB Perpex 10200 Enquire Now
SGE03577 Single channel dispensing pump ml/min gauge - Gambro BP-3A Enquire Now

Single channel dispensing pump variable modes with counter display - Wheaton Ommispence Plus

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SGE05747 Single channel dispensing pump variable speed 50 - 650 rpm with 77601-60 Easy-Load head 0.6 - 13 L/min Enquire Now
SGE03792 Single channel dispensing pump variable speed 50rpm / 250ml/min with 8mm ID tubing auto/manual operation (new) - Watson Marlow 505S Enquire Now
SGE03586 Single channel dispensing pump variable speed auto/manual operation - Watson Marlow 502S Enquire Now
SGE05385 Single channel head variable speed modular drive 6 - 600 rpm 0.36 - 3400ml/min, connected to wall mounted controller - Masterflex HV-7552-70 Enquire Now
SGE05312 Single channel heavy duty perfusion pump digital RPM / LPM display variable speed flow rate to 10 LPM - Cobe Enquire Now
SGE03585 Single channel Masterflex 7015 head 30rpm fixed speed - Cole Palmer 7544-30 Enquire Now

Single channel modular pump system 07591-55 with benchtop controller variable speed 20 - 650 rpm, 77601-00 Easy-Load I/P pump head 0.6 - 13L/min - Masterflex 7591-55

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SGE03895 Single channel ptfe diaphragm pump head 80 - 800ml/min 3-50psi suit L/S range drive motors - Masterflex 7090-42 Enquire Now
SGE05764 Single channel repeater pump fixed and user defined speed  start / stop flow options programmable interval and volume settings - BAXA 099 Enquire Now
SGE04442 Single channel speed control CW/CCW mode "Easy Load" 7518-60 pump head - Masterflex Console Drive 7521-45 Enquire Now
SGE02743 Single channel system analog 20ml/min variable speed auto/manual operation - Watson Marlow 101U Enquire Now
SGE03120 Single channel system digital variable speed control rpm display auto/manual operation - Watson Marlow 503U Enquire Now

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