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Muffle Furnaces

SGE05821 Digital control to 1000C 240V 2500W 11.5A chamber size 160 x 170 x 130mm cantilever door - NEW - Thermo Scientific M104 Enquire Now
SGE05408 Digital control to 1100C 240V 3000W 12.5A chamber size 120 x 175 x 345mm cantilever upward swing door - Carbolite GSM 11/8 Enquire Now
SGE05254 Eurotherm controller to 1200C 240V 3KW chamber size 400 x 180 x 120mm cantilever upward swing door - Lenton LTD Enquire Now

High temperature furnace 2500C operation in dry, inert and vacuum atmospheres working volume 100 x 155mm - Thermal Technologies 1000-4560-FP30

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PID control to 1000C chamber 290 x 190 x 290 mm with safety door 240V 1488W with manual - Barnstead / Thermolyne F62730

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