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Mixers / Shakers


Platform orbital shaker 300 x 300mm digital control 10~300 rpm with 40mm swing range - Lab Companion SK-300

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Platform orbital shaker heavy duty 460 x 750mm perforated plate digital control 25-525 rpm - Thermo 430

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SGE04655 Platform orbital unit 200 x 165mm 10-900rpm oscillation 55 min timer - IKA KS125 Enquire Now

Platform orbital unit 20-200rpm oscillation 350 x 350mm tray - Ratek EOM5

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SGE04899 Platform orbital unit 230 x 230mm 10-800rpm oscillation 50 min timer configured for 4x 250ml flasks - IKA 130 basic Enquire Now
SGE04650 Platform orbital unit 260 x 160mm 140-1400rpm oscillation spring clamp rollers - Heidolph DSG 304 Enquire Now
SGE04916 Platform orbital unit 400 x 300 mm microprocessor controlled speed 25 to 500 rpm, 99 hr timer - New Brunswick Scientific Innova 2000 Enquire Now
SGE04922 Platform orbital unit 400 x 340mm 20-400rpm oscillation 120 min timer digital display 10kg load - Heidolph Unimax 2020 Enquire Now
SGE04714 Platform orbital unit 550 x 400mm with timer & parallel flask support clamps - Buhler SM25 Enquire Now

Platform orbital unit 700 x 530mm speed 40-400 rpm 15kg load capacity 99 hr timer - Ratek OM8

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SGE04742 Platform reciprocial unit 320 x 390mm with universal rack/clamps 10-300rpm oscillation 30 min timer - IKA HS 500 Enquire Now

Roller apparatus 4 x 1L or 2 x 2L variable speed to 40 rpm with RA40 external controller - Heraeus D-37520

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SGE04692 Roller apparatus large vertical rotory rack for glass/plastic bottles 2 tier (can expand to 10 levels) variable speed digital display 0.25 - 8.75 rpm - Wheaton R2P Enquire Now
SGE02916 Roller apparatus variable speed 3 tier 15 place - Wheaton Enquire Now
SGE04718 Rotary apparatus for tissue culture bottles - Stuart Scientific STC-1 Enquire Now
SGE02964 Rotary plater - Denley RP453 Enquire Now

Turbular mixer for homogeneous mixing of powders & substances 2kg load capacity includes sample jar - WAB TC2

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SGE04632 Vibration platform shaker 220 x 220mm with clamping rollers 150-1350rpm 120 min timer - Heidolph Vibramax 100 Enquire Now
SGE04617 Vibration platform shaker for 4 microplates 0 - 1100rpm with timer - IKA Schutter MTS4 Enquire Now
SGE04616 Vibration platform shaker with VX8 universal attachment 0 - 2000rpm up to 2kg load - IKA Vibrax VXR Enquire Now
SGE04512 Vibration shaker with VX2 attachment holding 36 tubes with 16mm diameter - IKA Vibrax VXR Basic Enquire Now
SGE04920 Vibratory mixer unit with amplitude & frequency control with various mixing elements complete with wooden case - Vibro-Mixer E-1 Enquire Now

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