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SGE00181 Bossheads and clamps assorted - Enquire Now
SGE03561 Bottle dispenser trigger type variable volume 0-5ml with 8 channel stream splitter for 96 well plates (new in box) - Robbins 1026-02 Enquire Now
SGE03559 Burette digital 25 & 50ml with battery charger & mains adaptor - Brand Enquire Now
SGE01586 Burette digital 50ml - Jenco Enquire Now

Chlorine Coliform pH portable test kit with dry block heater UV lamp pH meter comparator reagents - Hach CEC-2

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Dewpoint hygrometer hand held range -100C to 20C advanced data logging, battery recharger - Delta Instruments SADPmini

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SGE02369 Dissolved oxygen meter bench unit digital with probe - YSI 59 Enquire Now
SGE02150 Dissolved oxygen meter digital hand held portable with probe - YSI 55 Enquire Now
SGE05638 Dissolved oxygen meter portable with LCD screen to 19.99 ppm manual and carrying case - Orion 835 Enquire Now

Flocculator 4 place portable 12V with timer to 30 mins speed 20 to 120 rpm central illumination - Velp Scientifica FP4

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Flocculator 6 place with high/low variable speed selectivity & digital display - Phipps & Bird 7790-402

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Freezer -10/-30C dual door upright 1360L LCD touch control, data logger & alarm functions 240V 5A - Arctiko LF1400

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Freezer -30C 139L single door under bench 740L x 610W x 870mmH - Thermo ULT430V

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SGE05915 Freezer -30C dual chamber front loading 452L microprocessor controlled - Sanyo MDF U537 Enquire Now

Freezer -30C single door upright 274L 4 drawers gravity air circulation - Panasonic MDF-U334

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Freezer -35C chest type 138L digital control manual defrost - Panasonic MDF-137

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SGE05466 Freezer -35C plasma storage 230L single door digital control with chart recorder incorporating high low temperature testing facility - Thermoline LMU230-SD Enquire Now

Freezer 36L -18 to -23C spark-free bench top unit with single shelf - Labcold RLVF02203

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SGE05949 Freezer -86C single door upright 368L 3 shelves gravity air circulation 12A as new - Thermo ScientificForma 902 Enquire Now
SGE05952 Freezer -86C single door upright 548L 4 shelves gravity air circulation as new - Thermo Scientific - UXF 40086V Enquire Now

Freezer -86C single door upright 682L 3 shelves gravity air circulation 240V 9.5A as new - Thermo Scientific TSU 500V

Enquire Now
SGE05641 Freezer bench top 30L +10C to -20C quiet running front loading with glass observation door 240V - Fryka B30-20 Enquire Now

Furnace tongs platinum tipped stainless steel with shield 400mm 'new' - APS 2770 PT

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SGE02794 Fyrite CO2 combustion test kit - Bacharach 10-5083 Enquire Now
SGE04658 Gas burner with safety control system & burner head control, foot pedal & power adapter - WLD-TEC Gasprofi 1 Enquire Now
SGE00194 Glass blowers burner - Herbet Arnold Enquire Now
SGE00365 Glassware general range of volumetric & Quickfit available - Enquire Now

Hardness (total & calcium) portable test kit with reagents and labware digital burette measuring range 10 - 4000 ppm - Hach HAC-DT

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SGE05598 High pressure booster pump flow rate 88 - 160 L/min head range to 52 meters temperature to 90C - Grundfos CH4-50 Enquire Now
SSP05565 Hot wire anenometer with telescopic sensor head 0.2 - 20 m/s range dual display carrying case - Lutron AM-4204 Enquire Now
SGE01681 Hydraulic pump as new - IMO Type 210 Enquire Now
SGE05612 Light box with digital display & variable intensity control 370 x 340 mm - Northern Light B90 Enquire Now
SGE05614 Light box with fixed intensity 260 x 210 mm - Bio Rad 1000 Enquire Now
SGE05613 Light box with variable light intensity control 370 x 210 mm - Sigma T2203 Enquire Now
SGE02217 Liquid delivery pump with nylon head - 3 phase power - Seybert & Rahier R410L Enquire Now

Measuring cylinder set 50 100 250 500 1000ml precision grade A Pyrex glass in carrying case - Pyrex

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SGE01653 Metering pump - 5 litres / hr - Hanna ASP5L Enquire Now
SGE05139 Moisture meter for grains with inbuilt grinder LC display operational mode keys battery operated with manual - Protimeter Grainmaster i Enquire Now
SGE03560 Pipetting device for graduated and bulb pipettes with mains adaptor (new in box) - Drummond Pipet-aid Enquire Now

Refrigerator 139 litres single door automatic defrost digital display temp range +1 to 8C - Thermo Revco REL404V

Enquire Now

Silt density index test kit portable analysis with instructions - Applied Membranes Inc. SDI-2000

Enquire Now
SSP05924 Soldering station for PCB rework / repair digital display 4 channel temp range 38 - 482C with accessories manual - PACE MBT-250-SDTP Enquire Now
SGE01602 Solvent S/S 19 litre disposal / storage container - Enquire Now

Soxhlet six place extraction system comprising control and drive units, accessories and manual - Foss Tecator Soxtec 2050

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Steam generator electric single phase 13 Amp automatically maintains 100 psi pressure - Sussman MBA3

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SGE04588 Syringe air driven liquid dispenser, microprocessor controlled delivery, timer & gauges - EFD 1500XL Enquire Now
SGE05693 Syringe infusion pump volume / flow rate on digital display for single syringe 0.5 ml to 60 ml RS 232 port manual - Harvard Apparatus 11 Plus Enquire Now

Syringe pump dual channel programmable mode settings 0.122 - 53.35 mls/min flow rate RS232 port - Harvard Pump 33

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SGE01588 Test tube racks assortment available - Enquire Now
SGE04451 Thermohygrograph 3 speed 1,3, 32 day battery operated - Sato NSII-S Sigma II Enquire Now
SGE03515 Thermohygrograph 7day mechanical operation -10 to +40C - Casella 750/1207 Enquire Now
SGE03516 Thermohygrograph 7day mechanical operation -10 to +40C - Micromech Enquire Now
SGE03517 Thermohygrograph 7day mechanical operation -10 to +50C - Wilambrecht 252C - W. Lambrecht 252 C Enquire Now
SGE04453 Thermohygrometer portable + power pack digital display %RH & temperature with long cable in carry case - Kane-May KM8004 Enquire Now
SGE05900 Thermometer portable with data logging facility -200C to 999.9C with printer and manual - Hanna HI 92804C Enquire Now
SGE05571 Thomas-Schoniger combustion flasks 1000 ml with elongated ground glass stopper and platinum gauze sample carrier includes 100 pack sample wrappers - Thomas 6513C30 Enquire Now

Toxicity screening test in water including total bacteria counts with media reagents and labware - Hach ToxTrac

Enquire Now
SGE05296 Turbidimeter digital bench model 0 - 1000 NTU range manual calibration with 0.02 NTU standard sample cells and instruction manual - HF Scientific Enquire Now
SGE02431 Turbidimeter digital four ranges with manual - Hach 18900 Enquire Now
SGE02419 Vacuum gauge - Edwards McLeod Enquire Now
SGE04251 Vacuum gauge electronic with PRE 10K guage head range 5 - 10-2 mbar - Edwards Pirani 501 Enquire Now
SGE04625 Vibration platform shaker 290 x 258mm platform variable speed oscillation to 1350rpm, analog timer - Heidolph Titramax1000 Enquire Now

Washing machine-disinfector for laboratory glassware with basic tray 415V 8.2kW - Miele Professional G7883 CD

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Washing machine for laboratory glassware with basic tray 415V 8.2kW - Miele G7733

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