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Material Testing


Digital Force / Torque tester portable with LC screen, usb smart connector and RO2 compact compression sensor - Mark 10 M3i

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Durometer (A-scale) for rubber & associated materials includes model 360 test stand - PTC 306L

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Flash point tester 100C closed cup with timer thermometer external LP supply portable and mains with manual - Stanhope Seta 1374

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SGE04570 Force guage digital display programmable, range 0-50N with accessories battery, charger & carry case - Mecmesin AFG-50N Enquire Now
SGE02884 Ford cups with stand, Nos. 2 to 5 - AL Franklyn Enquire Now
SGE05323 Hot stage for microscopic or photometeric measurements of thermal behaviour of samples - Mettler Toledo FP82HT Enquire Now
SGE05322 Measuring cell for melting, boiling and cloud point determinations includes manual - Mettler Toledo FP81HT Enquire Now
SGE04688 Melting point apparatus auto determination up to 3 samples LCD digital control with temperature to 400C - Buchi B-545 Enquire Now
SGE05566 Melting point apparatus fully automatic microprocessor control with three sample ports LC display temperature to 400C - Thomas Scientific Uni-Melt II Enquire Now
SGE04924 Melting point apparatus microprocessor programmable range to 300C, 0.10C/min LED display - Mettler Toledo FP62 Enquire Now
SGE05461 Melting point apparatus semi automatic digital display with illuminated viewer temperature control to 360C with manual - Stuart Scientific SMP2 Enquire Now
SGE05325 Melting point central processor unit for use with (optional) measuring cell - Mettler Toledo FP80HT Enquire Now
SGE04436 Moisture meter for wood analog control 6-30% MC portable - Delmhorst Instrument Co. J-4 Enquire Now

Packaging leak tester with vacuum chamber 270 mm x 270 mm  vacuum and time set controls - GBPI GB-M

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SGE02874 Tension load cell 50 - 500kg range ex 1026 machine - Instron 2512-110 Enquire Now
SGE02453 Zahn S/S flow cup 44ml 'new' - AL Franklyn FLC19 Enquire Now

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