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Incubators / Environmental Cabinets

SGE05739 CO2 incubator 170L digital control to 50C 0 to 20% CO2 low water sensor contamination control - Sanyo MCO -20AIC Enquire Now
SGE05608 CO2 Incubator 823L digital PID controller, CO2 & selectable humidification at 80 and 90% - Thermo Forma 3951 Enquire Now
SGE05827 Incubator 130L gravity convection digital control to 70C - NEW - Thermo Scientific B12 Enquire Now
SGE05643 Incubator 150L gravity convection PID control to 80C with timer glass inner door and alarm - Sanyo MIR-262 Enquire Now
SGE05822 Incubator 73L gravity convection digital control temperature range ambient 5C to 70C - NEW - Thermo Scientific B6 Enquire Now
SGE05216 Incubator collapsable with lining covers and mounting accessories for use over bottle roller apparatus PID temperature control to 60C 860w x 740d x 1900h mm includes operators manual - Wheaton 'The Breader' Enquire Now
SGE05625 Incubator portable with dual temperature setpoint at 5 or 37C 12V DC with 240V adapter - Waeco Coolpro Enquire Now

Climatic test chamber 102L -10C to 100C (with humidity 10 to 90C) mains water supply & drain required  I.D. 600W x 350D x 480H with RS 422, 240V - Binder KBF115

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CO2 Incubator 150L temperature to 55C CO2 to 20% O2 to 90% disinfection time 90C/9hrs 3 shelves 'new' - Thermo Scientific Heracell 150i

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SGE05942 CO2 Incubator 180L water jacketed temperature to 55C CO2 and O2 to 20% humidity ambient to 95% at 37C 4 shelves 'new' - Thermo Scientific 4141 Enquire Now

Drosophilia chamber 360L 5 tiers temp range 4C - 44C / 30% - 90% RH with variable intensity internal lighting - Percival Scientific DR-36VL

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SGE05944 Incubator 18L fan forced temperature to 40C LED display 2 shelves as new - Thermo Scientific 50129111 Enquire Now
SGE05948 Incubator 66L fan forced digital control to 105C weekly/ hourly timer with 2 selves 850W 'new' - Thermo Scientific Heratherm Enquire Now

Incubator 9L compact size 230W x 230D x 200H ID gravity convection temperature to 60C - VWR Scientific 97025-632

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Incubator portable 3L with 39 x 18 mm tube rack 12V adapter 30C to 50C +/- 0.5C - Hach

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SGE05936 Incubator portable 12V rechargeable battery heating block for 5ml and 15ml tubes temperature to 39C on digital display - LabIVF LEC 960 Enquire Now

Refrigerated incubator 120L fan forced digital control -10 to 60C observation window internal light - Nuve ES120

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Refrigerated incubator 140L fan forced digital control +5 to 45C with safety limit - Thermoline TRI-140

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