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Homogenisers / Dispersers / Blenders

SGE02451 Air driven - Silverson L2Air Enquire Now
SGE05926 Blender two speed with 1 litre s/s container with lid - Waring 38BL41 Enquire Now
SGE05691 Disperser 30000 rpm digital display includes 12mm dispersing tool and heavy duty lift stand - Kinematica Polyron PT6000 Enquire Now
SGE04621 Hand held unit for small volumes with S8N-5G 5mm shaft and T 8.1 dispersing station, speed to 25000 rpm - IKA T8 Enquire Now
SGE04163 Hand held up to 250ml volumes speed 22 000rpm - Kinematica PT 1200C Enquire Now

Homogeniser 10000rpm 1100W up to 30 litre volumes with choice of S50N-G45F or R50 dispersing element & optional stand - IKA T50 Basic

Enquire Now
SGE03829 Homogeniser 24000rpm up to 2 litre volumes, various dispersing elements available - Heidolph DIAX900 Enquire Now
SGE04890 Homogeniser 24000rpm up to 2 litre volumes with 10mm dispersing tool, stand control unit 110V with transformer - Vertis 225318 Enquire Now
SGE03830 Homogeniser 25000rpm up to 2 litre volumes S18 dispersing tool - Ystrol X1020 Enquire Now
SGE04622 Homogeniser 26000rpm up to 2 litre volumes with 6mm dispersing tool stand, control unit - Heidolph Silent Crusher M Enquire Now

Mixer/emulsifier variable speed to 9100rpm digital display sealed 2 litre s/s container with vacuum port - Silverson L4R

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SGE05621 Mixing vessel 6 litre S/S with high shear disperser motor pressure/vacuum port & toggle valve - Koruma / Loher BRV Enquire Now
SGE04716 Stomach action blender for 400gm bags 3 speed with timer - Seward 400 Enquire Now
SGE02269 Stomach action blender for 80gm sample bags - Seward 80 Enquire Now
SGE05927 Blender two speed with timer 1 litre s/s container with lid - Waring 35BL58 Enquire Now

Homogeniser 11000-24000 rpm 500W hand held or stand mount with 20mm dispersion and 45mm mixing tool in carry case - Ystral X10-25

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Homogeniser for tissue with 8 mm tool speed 8/24000 rpm for 2 - 200 ml volumes - VWR  VDI25

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Laboratory homogeniser stainless gear pump with twin 2L sample vessels and pressure gauge - Ultrasonics Minisonic

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Laboratory mixer high shear with variable speed to 6000 rpm on flat base adjustable stand - Silverson SL2

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Mixer/emulsifier heavy duty 12 litre capacity variable speed to 8000 rpm digital display various screen types motorised lift - Silverson L5

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Stomach action blender for 3500g bags 3 speed settings with preset timer - Seward 3500

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