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Evaporators / Concentrators

SGE05166 Rotary evaporator complete with glassware & temperature controlled B480 water bath digital display manual jack - Buchi R-114 Enquire Now
SGE01450 Rotary evaporator complete with glassware & temperature controlled water bath - Buchi Rotavapor R Enquire Now
SGE04897 Rotary evaporator large scale unit with 20L evaporation flask, 10L receiving flask, vertical cold trap, V-850 controller, digital display motorised jack, 4200W 20A - Buchi R-220 Enquire Now
SGE04639 Rotary evaporator with B-490 water bath, vertical assembly condenser, integrated vapour temperature probe, digital display, motorised jack - Buchi R-205 Enquire Now
SGE05606 Rotary evaporator with motorised lift rotary speed to 270 rpm water bath temperature control to 100C - Heidolph Laborota 4001 Enquire Now
SGE04610 Vortex evaporator ambient temp to 80oC +/- 1oC with 2 Interchangeable sample blocks for 56 place 16 x 150mm tubes & 90 place 10 x 75 mm tubes - Buchler 3-2200-01 Enquire Now
SGE05911 Centrifugal vacuum concentrator with 80 place rotor temp to 80C timer to 10 hrs digital control - Thermo Electron SPD111V Enquire Now
SGE03678 Centrifugal vacuum concentrator with choice of rotors UVS400A Vapournet vacuum system & cold trap - Savant SC210A Enquire Now
SGE05282 Centrifugal vacuum concentrator incl. 2 x 24 1.5 ml tube rotors LCD screen timer to 12hrs temperature 30 - 60C MZ2C vacuum pump with cold trap and stop valve - Christ RVC 2-18 Enquire Now
SGE04292 Concentration workstation using gas vortex shearing to provide automated sample evaporation - Zymark Turbo Vap 11 Enquire Now

Rotary evaporator large scale unit with 50L & 100L evaporation flask 10L receiving flask vertical condenser 150C water bath - Buchi R187

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