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Cooling Baths / Circulators


12 litre circulating cooling bath with with TH5 Thermo regulator 4 - 40C 7 L/min pump capacity 500W - Ratek RC4

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SGE05758 15 litre cooling bath with Polystat cc digital circulator -20 to 200C - Huber CC-K15 Enquire Now
SGE02513 20 litre circulating cooling bath digital control -20C to +80C - Heto CB60 Enquire Now
SGE05398 22 litre ultra low refrigerated circulator with dual LED display -80 to +100C - Julabo FP80-SP Enquire Now

6 litre circulating cooling bath with digital LCD display -40 to 200C 2200W - Polyscience 9102A

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SGE05611 Recirculating chiller 18 Litre -20 to 30C cooling capacity 1200W (1030kcal/h) at 10C, 950W (820kcal/h) at 0C - Eyela CA-1111 Enquire Now

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