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Analytical 210g x 0.01mg programmable with advanced features internal calibration auto door - Sartorius ME215S

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Analytical 220 g x 0.1 mg auto calibration programmable features users manual - Shimadzu AUX 220

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Analytical 31 / 120g x 0.01 / 0.1mg programmable with advanced features touch screen - Mettler Toledo XP105DR

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Analytical digital 220g x 0.01mg internal software for advanced functions LC touch screen motorised door auto calibration - Mettler Toledo AX 205

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Analytical digital 220g x 0.1mg auto calibration menu select draught shield with manual - Mettler AB204S

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Analytical digital 82/220g x 0.01/0.1mg auto calibration Windows direct function RS232C - Shimadzu AUW220D

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Analytical dual range 41g / 210g x 1mg / 0.1mg with internal calibration menu select - Mettler AE118DR

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SGE05907 Calibration weights OIML certified E2 class stainless steel 500mg 1g 20g 50g 100g 200g as individual units - Mettler Toledo E2 Class Enquire Now
SGE03138 Compact 11kg x 0.1g auto zero/tare - Mettler PE11 Enquire Now
SGE03946 Compact 12kg x 0.1g auto zero/tare - Mettler Toledo SB1201 Enquire Now
SGE03137 Compact 12kg x 0.1g manual calibration printer port - Mettler PJ12 Enquire Now
SGE05084 Compact 12kg x 0.1g manual calibration printer port - Sartorius BP12000-S Enquire Now
SGE05086 Compact 15kg x 1g manual calibration RS232 - Mettler PM 15 Enquire Now
SGE04670 Compact 16kg x 0.1g manual calibration RS232 - Mettler Toledo PC16 Enquire Now
SGE04968 Compact 16kg x 1g auto calibration multi function features - Mettler Toledo SG16000 Enquire Now

Compact 30Kg x 10g bench weighing/counting scale 305 x 355mm LCD display - Ohaus Defender 3000

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SGE05228 Compact 3100g x 0.1g 32 x 23 cm platform manual calibration with SMX "intrinsically safe" weighing terminal menu and function select printer port - Mettler Toledo SM3000X Enquire Now
SGE04969 Compact 3100g x 0.1g auto calibration multi function features - Mettler Toledo PG3001-S Enquire Now
SGE04414 Compact 4100g x 0.1g manual calibration - Sartorius Basic BP4100 Enquire Now
SGE03464 Compact 60kg x 0.02kg - A & D FG-60K Enquire Now
SGE02502 Compact dual range 3kg x 1g / 6kg x 2g - A & D F6-6KA Enquire Now
SGE05253 Compact industrial weighing 60kg x 0.02kg display on column - A+D FG-60K Enquire Now
SGE03122 Infrared heater for moisture balance variable heat settings - Mettler LP15 Enquire Now

Moisture balance 150g x 1mg halogen heating 40 - 230C programmable user interface on touch screen, manual - Mettler Toledo HS 153

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Moisture balance 50g x 0.001g halogen heater programmable modes LCD manual calibration motorised door - Sartorius MA50

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Moisture balance 54g x 1mg halogen heater 50 - 200C programmable with methods library, manual - Mettler Toledo HB 43-S

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Moisture balance programmable 110g x 0.001g timer to 9 hr 50 min temperature 50C to 160C - Adam AMB 110

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Moisture balance programmable 71g x 0,001g 30C - 200C halogen heat source external calibration - A & D MS-70

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SGE04970 Precision 11 kg x 0.1g with auto calibration "DeltaTrac" graphic indicator with manual - Mettler Toledo PM11-K Enquire Now

Precision 2200g x 0.01g multi-function menu LC display auto calibration - Sartorius LP2200S

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Precision 310 g x 1 mg auto calibration menu mode RS232 port with operation manual - Mettler Toledo PB303-S

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Precision balance 3.2 Kg x 0.01g multi application with internal and external calibration RS232 and USB ports - Mettler Toledo MS3002S

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Precision balance delta range 6400gm  x 0.1gm / 32100gm  x 1gm accuracy with carry case - Mettler SB32001DR

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Precision comparator balance 32.1 x 0.01g and 0.005g select multiple features touch screen control auto calibration - Mettler Toledo XP32003L

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Precision digital 16000g x 0.1g auto calibration 400mm x 300mm weighing pan - Sartorius LA16001S

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SGE05227 Precision digital 2000g x 0.01g manual calibration printer port - Mettler PM2000 Enquire Now

Precision digital 2100g x 0.01g manual calibration with RS232 port - Sartorius BP2100S

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SGE04087 Precision  digital 2kg / 24kg x 0.1g / 1g dual range tare mode manual calibration - Mettler PE22 Enquire Now

Precision digital 30kg x 0.1g manual calibration RS232 420mm x 300mm  weighing pan - Sartorius IB31000P

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SGE03683 Precision  digital 400g x 0.001g multifunctional with data storing/statistical analysis - Denver AC-400D Enquire Now

Precision digital 410g x 0.001g auto calibration RS232 - Mettler Toledo PB403-S

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Precision digital 410g x 0.001g external calibration - A & D FX-400

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Precision digital 4Kg / 32Kg x 0.1g / 1g manual calibration - Mettler PM 34 Delta Range

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SGE04783 Precision digital 600g x 0.01g /1.2kg x 0.02g /3.1kg x 0.05g manual calibration with manual - Sartorius B3100S Enquire Now

Precision digital 610g x 0.001g auto calibration with draft shield - A & D GX-600

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Precision digital 6200g x 0.01g auto calibration RS232 - Sartorius LA6200-S

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SGE04878 Precision  digital 620g x 0.001g multi-function menu draught shield auto calibration RS232 - Sartorius LA620S Enquire Now
SGE04558 Precision digital 800g x 0.01g auto calibration program modes with draft shield - Denver AC 800 Enquire Now
SGE04963 Precision dual range 120g / 610g x 0.001g / x 0.01g auto calibration 'DeltaTrac' display draught shield RS232 with manual - Mettler Toledo PG603-S Enquire Now
SGE04966 Precision  dual range 400g / 2100g x 0.01g / x 0.1g auto calibration RS232 with manual - Mettler Toledo PG2002-S Enquire Now

Precision dual range 410g x 0.001g 'DeltaTrac' - Mettler Toledo PG403-S

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SGE05083 Precision 2200/800/400g x 0.05g / 0.02g / 0.01g programmable auto calibration - Sartorius LP2200P Enquire Now
SGE04089 Printer for A&D balances with cable - A & D AD-8121 Enquire Now

Top pan 7200g x 0.1g paint balance explosion proof external calibration - Sartorius PMA 7200-X

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