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Miscellaneous & Consummables

SCH05141 Chromatography software data systems for all brands of GLC & HPLC see for demo's and downloads - Dataworx Delta Enquire Now
SCH05137 Crimper for 13 mm vials pneumatic air powered at 45 - 60 psi pressure - Wheaton Enquire Now

CTC headspace upgrade kit for sampler models G6501-CTC and G6509-CTC. Kit is complete with trays, syringe, agitator, cables, etc ready to bolt onto an existing CTC-GC framework - CTC G6503-CTC

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SCH05799 Gas generator UHP zero air with 0.05ppm THC delivery pressure 100 psig flow range to 7LPM - Parker Balston HPZA-7000 Enquire Now
SCH01344 Gas regulators - Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Air - CIG, Matteson Enquire Now

GC/LC sample injector for liquid SPME head space modes XYZ robotic arm on control module - CTC Analytics COMBIPAL

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SCH01342 Gel permeation (GPC) columns - range available please enquire - Waters, Shodex Enquire Now
SCH02206 HPLC columns syringes & accessories new & used please enquire - Enquire Now
SCH03044 HPLC solvent recycler - Alltech 2000 Enquire Now
SCH03043 HPLC solvent recycler - Alltech 3000 Enquire Now
SCH01613 HPLC solvent recycler - Alltech 340 Enquire Now
SCH03817 HPLC solvent vacuum degasser 4 channel in-line ( 1x3 channel also available) - Perkin-Elmer Series 200 Enquire Now
SCH01621 Liquid delivery pump for low pressure chromatography 27ml / min - FMI QSY-1CSC Enquire Now

Makeup gas generator nitrogen / zero air flow N2  400 mls / min zero air 2.5L / min purity > 99.9% - Parker Balston MGG-2550-220

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Nitrogen generator compact for 9.999% purity to 750 mls/min 75 psi users manual - Schmidlin BORA 1300

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SCH03382 Pesticide residue extraction automated system incl. 307 pump, 231XL autosampler diluter envirogel 19x300mm GPC column - Gilson 307/231XL Enquire Now
SCH03079 Polystyrene GPC Standards (Set 1) m/w range 580 - 7000 (Set 2) m/w range 9200 - Polymer Laboratories Enquire Now
SCH04309 Purge & trap with 40 place carousel - Teckmar Precept 3000 Enquire Now
SCH02428 Solid phase extraction manifold 10 place - Analytichem Vac-elut Enquire Now
SCH05180 Solvent select valve with four ports - Waters SSV Enquire Now
SCH01224 Solvent switching valve for HPLC 6 port automated switching - Waters ASV Enquire Now
SCH03391 Switching six port valve automated for column, backflushing, re-cycling and other functions - Waters Enquire Now
SCH04435 Switching valve 10 port electronic controlled motorised for HPLC fluids new in box with accessories and manual - Supelco SupelPRO EV700-102 Enquire Now

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