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HPLC Systems

SCH02995 600E controller/quaternary gradient pump, 715 ultra wisp autosampler, 486 UV/VIS detector, Millennium software - Waters Enquire Now
SCH03407 600 Solvent delivery system with 2487 dual wavelength absorbance detector and 717 plus autosampler - Waters Enquire Now
SCH05815 Binary system 1525 pump 2487 UV/Vis detector complete with Breeze V3.3 software and tutorials - Waters 1525 Enquire Now
SCH04862 Gradient pump LC-1120, autosampler LC-1650, UV/VIS detector LC-1240, refractive index detector, Gastorr GT-104 degasser, Alltech 330 column heater, Winchrom v1.32 Chromatography software - GBC Enquire Now
SCH02615 Gradient pump, UV/VIS detector, solvent degasser, autoinjector, & solvent recycler - Hewlett Packard 1050 Enquire Now
SCH03069 Gradient Quaternary system metal free system, includes 600E solvent module, quaternary pump, Rheodyne 9125 injector, manuals - Waters 650E Enquire Now
SCH03127 Gradient Quaternary system with 610 fluid unit, 610 valve station & column heater module, 600 controller, 717 plus autosampler, 490-MS detector, Millennium software - Waters Enquire Now
SCH05348 Gradient stackable system comprising G1311A Quad pump G1314A UV Vis G1313A autosampler, portable controller & manuals - Hewlett Packard 1100 Enquire Now
SCH03416 Isocratic system 305 pump with 10 WSC head, 116 detector 190-380nm with single dual & scan modes, 506B contact interface modem, 7125 Rheodyne injector optional integrator, software - Gilson Enquire Now
SCH03384 Isocratic system 616 pump & controller column heater 717 plus autosampler 646 electrochemical detector maxima software - Waters 600S Enquire Now
SCH03448 Isocratic system with Rheodyne injector solvent station, UV detector pump programmable, stack design autosampler optional - Hewlett Packard 1050 Series Enquire Now

Ternary low pressure system comprising of LC-10 pump, switching valve, degasser, auto injector, column oven, PDA detector, Class VP software, PC and manuals - Shimadzu VP Series

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