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HPLC Pumps

SCH01471 Dual piston 0 -10ml/min x 0.1ml/min - Waters 501 Enquire Now
SCH01461 Dual piston 0 -10ml/min x 0.1ml/min - Waters 510 Enquire Now
SCH01220 Dual piston incorporates solvent selector valve - Waters 6000A Enquire Now
SCH04630 Dual piston, microprocessor control with flow to 10 ml/min at max 6000 psi operating pressure - Waters 515 Enquire Now
SCH05179 Dual piston programmable with flow rate to 20ml/min x 0.01ml/min with manual - Waters 590 Enquire Now
SCH02278 Dual piston with microprocessor control 0-5ml/min x 0.1ml/min - ICI LC1100 Enquire Now
SCH03404 Gradient low pressure quaternary pump fully programmable multisolvent delivery dual module system with 600 controller with IEEE port - Waters 600E Enquire Now
SCH01571 Gradient quaternary pump operates with 660 solvent programmer - Waters 600-MS Enquire Now
SCH04560 Non-metallic quaternary system with 600S programmable system controller and includes Rheodyne 9125 injector and switching valve - Waters 626 Enquire Now
SCH00923 Single piston basic pump with pressure gauge 9.9 ml / min x 0.1 ml / min - Waters M45 Enquire Now

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