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HPLC Detectors

SCH05177 Conductivity detector high sensitivity range temperature compensated - Waters 430 Enquire Now
SCH04555 Electrochemical detecor high sensitivity with CC-4 flow cell module Rheodyne 7125 injector RS 232, manual - Bioanalytical Systems LC-4C Enquire Now
SCH04232 Electrochemical detector with inbuilt high sensitivity cell, manual - Waters 460 Enquire Now

Evaporative light scattering detector with keypad control on digital display includes software - Polymer Laboratories PL-ELS 2100

Enquire Now
SCH02617 Fluorescence detector high sensitivity programmable with method editing - Hewlett Packard 1046A Enquire Now
SCH05795 Fluorescence detector programmable 190 - 600 nm range with scanning mode includes manual - Waters 474 Enquire Now
SCH02515 Fluorescence detector with high sensitivity dual monochromator variable wavelengths settings - Shimadzu RF-535 Enquire Now
SCH04017 Light scattering detector - Alltech ELSD 800 Enquire Now

Refractive index detector programmable settings with internal temperature control RI range 1.00 - 1.75 RIU - Waters 2414

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SCH01793 Refractive index detector with control and optical modules - Waters 401 Enquire Now
SCH03040 Refractive Index detector with temperature compensation, microprocessor control settings with broad high sensitivity range - Waters 410 Enquire Now
SCH02131 Refractive index high sensitivity programmable with temperature compensation - Hewlett Packard 1047A Enquire Now
SCH04055 UV detector 190 - 340nm auto zero 0.001 - 2.00 AUFS event marker - Shimadzu SPD-6A Enquire Now
SCH03385 UV detector basic unit sensitivity range to 0.0025 AUFS - Jasco UVIDEC 100 - V Enquire Now
SCH01769 UV variable wavelength with gain & zero control - Erma ERC-7210 Enquire Now
SCH02620 UV/VIS 190 - 600 nm programmable four channel detector with scanning mode & manual - Waters 490 Enquire Now
SCH02619 UV/VIS 190 - 600 nm programmable four channel detector with scanning mode - Waters 490E Enquire Now
SCH05837 UV/Vis detector to suit 1200 series wavelength range 190 - 600nm. New in box - Agilent G1314B Enquire Now
SCH03353 UV/VIS dual channel 190 - 700nm single or dual wavelength modes stores up to 10 programs - Waters 2487 Enquire Now
SCH01639 UV/VIS dual channel programmable - Shimadzu SPD-10AV Enquire Now
SCH02504 UV/VIS tuneable absorbance detector with hi pressure cell for LC/MS applications - Waters 486-MS Enquire Now
SCH02505 UV/VIS tuneable absorbance high sensitivity detector - Waters 484 Enquire Now
SCH02503 UV/VIS tuneable high sensitivity absorbance detector - Waters 486 Enquire Now
SCH04629 UV/VIS wavelength range 190 - 700nm, sensitivity 0.0005 - 3.0000 AUFS programmable functions RS 232 manual - Perkin-Elmer Series 200 Enquire Now

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