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SCH02508 Abs detector digital 254, 280nm filter - LKB Uvicord 2158 Enquire Now
SCH02832 Abs detector fixed wavelength filter unit - LKB Uvicord 2138 Enquire Now
SCH04489 Complete system comprising; Gradient controller programmable includes GradiFrac fractionator, UV-MII monitor with 254/280nm cell, P50 'hiload' pump, IV7 injection & PSV-50 solenoid gradient valves, REC 102 dual pen recorder on rack assembly - Pharmacia GradiFrac System Enquire Now
SCH04320 Complete System comprising; Pump E-1, UV Monitor EM-1, gradient monitor EG-1, with programmable peak elution mode, binary gradient former, model 1325 recorder - Bio Rad Econo System Enquire Now

FPLC comprising P-920 gradient pump UPC-900 UV conductivity detectors Frac-900 fraction collector M-925 mixer valving Unicorn v.5.10 software - Amersham Pharmacia Biotech ACTA FPLC

Enquire Now
SCH02833 Fraction collector basic operations - Pharmacia Redi Frac Enquire Now
SCH04524 Fraction collector digital control all modes - Pharmacia Frac-100 Enquire Now
SCH05940 Fraction collector for HPLC with key operated programmable parameters on LC display user manual - Waters Fraction Collector III Enquire Now
SCH05174 Low pressure chromatography columns assorted sizes and types - Pharmacia Enquire Now
SCH02738 Low pressure pump dual reciprocating plunger with gradient capability - Pharmacia P-500 Enquire Now
SCH03064 Peristaltic pump, variable speed - LKB 2120 Varioperpex Enquire Now
SCH03065 Peristaltic pump with variable speed control, CW/CCW , x1/x10 speed mode selection, 8.5/0.85 mls/min flow with 3mm ID tube - Pharmacia P-3 Enquire Now
SCH02507 UV single channel 254, 280nm filter - Pharmacia UV-1 Enquire Now

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