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Techtrader provides a wide range of carefully selected instruments for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical & allied research industries in Australia and overseas. This facility on our website provides a medium for promoting specific general laboratory equipment.

You are welcome to submit information on any equipment you may wish to sell for future inclusion. Participation is simple and costs nothing …. We do all the work and charge a modest commission for equipment sold through our facility.

The items represented below are a small selection of quality tested equipment.

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Leica MZ6 and MZ8 Microscopes  

Thermo Scientific* Cytospin* 4 Cytocentrifuge

These units are in excellent condition.

  • Process up to 12 samples at one time
  • Lid-release mechanism to allow for opening with one hand.  Lid remains locked at all times during rotation
  • Pull out program card to allow for quick retrieval of stored programs
  • Protected program memory allows for the storage of up to 23 distinct programs
  • Three acceleration control buttons allow for exceptional protection of fragile samples
  • Specimen safety alarm feature has been added to remind user at one-minute intervals to remove specimens to protect them from air drying and ensure consistent results

To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE05508

Leica MZ6 and MZ8 Microscopes  

Heraeus Biofuge fresco
The smallest refrigerated centrifuge for microlitre tubes
Ultra-quiet standstill cooling
Powerful CFC-free refrigeration unit
Max. capacity:

  • 24 x 1.5/2 ml or 
  • 4 PCR-strips o 
  • 32 individual PCR-tubes 
  • Max. speed: 13,000 rpm 
  • Max. RCF: 16,060 x 
  • Aerosol tight “Easy-Twist-On” lid

To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE05134

Leica MZ6 and MZ8 Microscopes  

Carbolite 500C High Temperature Industrial Oven

Powerful fan and air guide system provides excellent temperature uniformity throughout the work chamber
Temperature stability: Better than ± 0.5°C. Stainless steel inner chamber is convenient to clean and resistant to corrosion
Long-life mineral insulated metal sheathed heating elements
Perforated stainless steel shelves for convenient loading and unloading
An adjustable 40mm diameter chamber exhaust vent is located on top of oven, with optional external exhaust fan module
Side hinged door provides access to full width of chamber when open

To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE05506