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Techtrader provides a wide range of carefully selected instruments for the pharmaceutical, food, chemical & allied research industries in Australia and overseas. This facility on our website provides a medium for specific promotions. You are welcome to submit information on any equipment you may wish to sell for future inclusion. The items represented below are a small selection of quality tested equipment.

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Leica MZ6 and MZ8 Microscopes  

Thermo Scientific* Cytospin* 4 Cytocentrifuge

These units are in excellent condition.

  • Process up to 12 samples at one time
  • Lid-release mechanism to allow for opening with one hand.  Lid remains locked at all times during rotation
  • Pull out program card to allow for quick retrieval of stored programs
  • Protected program memory allows for the storage of up to 23 distinct programs
  • Three acceleration control buttons allow for exceptional protection of fragile samples
  • Specimen safety alarm feature has been added to remind user at one-minute intervals to remove specimens to protect them from air drying and ensure consistent results

To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE05508

Leica MZ6 and MZ8 Microscopes  

Heraeus Biofuge fresco
The smallest refrigerated centrifuge for microlitre tubes
Ultra-quiet standstill cooling
Powerful CFC-free refrigeration unit
Max. capacity:

  • 24 x 1.5/2 ml or 
  • 4 PCR-strips o 
  • 32 individual PCR-tubes 
  • Max. speed: 13,000 rpm 
  • Max. RCF: 16,060 x 
  • Aerosol tight “Easy-Twist-On” lid

To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE05134

Leica MZ6 and MZ8 Microscopes  

Carbolite 500C High Temperature Industrial Oven

Powerful fan and air guide system provides excellent temperature uniformity throughout the work chamber
Temperature stability: Better than ± 0.5°C. Stainless steel inner chamber is convenient to clean and resistant to corrosion
Long-life mineral insulated metal sheathed heating elements
Perforated stainless steel shelves for convenient loading and unloading
An adjustable 40mm diameter chamber exhaust vent is located on top of oven, with optional external exhaust fan module
Side hinged door provides access to full width of chamber when open

To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE05506

Leica MZ6 and MZ8 Microscopes  

Olympus BX40 reasearch microscopes

Binocular, rotating head
Continuous nosepiece distance adjustment
Eyepiece: WH10X/22
Adjustable embedded stage surface
U-PCD BF/DF phase contrast condenser
Infinity objectives: Ach 10x/0.25 ph1, Ach 20x/0.4 ph1, Ach 40x/0.65 ph2

These Olympus BX40 microscopes are in excellent condition

To enquire about this product, please quote   SMI05592

Leica MZ6 and MZ8 Microscopes  

IKA MF 10 basic Microfine grinder

Continuously operating universal grinder
- Powerful 500W drive, variable speed to 6500 rpm
- Easy to clean working surface made of stainless steel
- Two different grinding heads can be attached to the drive

Package includes: 

  • MF 10.1 Cutting-grinding head 
  • MF 10.2 Impact grinding head 
  • Unit is 'as new' and is complete with a range of sieves

To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE05042


Narishige Micro pipette puller, forge & grinder

Narishige PB-7 pipette puller dual-stage processing with built in power source, adjustable heating element for reliable production of micropipettes with tip sizes from one micron to tenths of a micron.

Narishige MF-9 microforge microscope uses heating element to shape or bend micropipettes or needles while operator views through microscope optics (4x & 10x objectives WF 10x eyepieces) adjustable focus, illumination and heat.

Narishige EG-4 pipette micro grinder variable speed rotating grinding stone pipette holder with adjustable height and two adjustable angles of approach.

These units are used to forge (heat and pull), calibrate and polish micro pipettes for microscopic cellular work, from glass tubes and other materials.

To enquire about this product, please quote  SSP04576

Biofuge Stratos, Refrigerated Tabletop Centrifuge   Biofuge Stratos, Refrigerated Tabletop Centrifuge

This current Biofuge Stratos has the features you want most in a high speed benchtop centrifuge; high speed and g-forces, minimum noise, maximum imbalance tolerance and extreme reliability. At less than 60 dBA, this unit is the quietest in its class-without compromising performance.

Supplied with fixed-angle rotor accommodating 6 x 94ml tubes and achieving over 15000rpm/25410xg. The Biofuge Stratus features a brushless induction drive and the inbuilt program can run nine different rotors at speeds up to 23300rpm/50000xg.

To enquire about this product, please quote SGE03933

The Eppendorf Mastercycler Gradient   Eppendorf PCR Mastercycler

The Eppendorf Mastercycler Gradient & Personal offers fast temperature control, exact block homogeneity and augmented programming for optimal flexibility. Personal cards enable safe program storage as well as easy and reliable transfer of individual protocols between different Mastercyclers.

The Gradient with its 96x0.2ml position universal block with gradient of +10C to 200C is the economical option for standard PCR runs.

The personal accommodates 25x0.2ml tubes or microplates in a 5x5 grid. Both have a temperature control range from +4C to 99C

To enquire about this product, please quote SSP03956

Multi-Gas Monitor LTX310   Multi-Gas Monitor LTX310

Portable in case with one-buton microprocessor controlled calibration sensor unit. The SP402 Sampling Pump can be used in conjunction with the LTX310 for remote air sampling. The LTX310 automatically recognizes and displays sensor configurations when switched on. Plug-in sensors can be easily changed.

The system is 'near new' and is complete with calibration gas, re-chargable batteries and compact charger. O2 / NH3 / Combustible Gas (LEL) sensors fitted.

To enquire about this product, please quote SSP02961

Zeiss Axioskope2-plus  

Zeiss Axioskop 2 plus

  • Epi-fluorescence trinocular research grade routine microscope
  • Ergonomic strain-free viewing with variable height adjustment head 
  • Universal condenser, BF, DF, epi BF, epi DIC, fluophores DAPI, FITC 
  • Plan-Neofluar objectives 2.5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x 
  • 12V 100W halogen and HBO 100W mercury lamps with new electronic HBO power supply

To enquire about this product, please quote SMI05567


B.Braun Biostat C 10L Fermentor

Compact, in-situ sterilizable benchtop fementor with 10 litre working volume supports process development and small scale production. The control system integrates all necessary actuator outputs as well as amplifiers for temperature, pH, pO2, foam and level. Additional amplifiers can be connected & visualized.

The application-driven, configured package for microbial & cell culture includes drive motor, monitoring probes, four peristaltic pumps cables & utility hoses.

The BioStat C is a new generation of a well proven Fermentor/Bioreactor system, designed for meeting demanding requirements in both research and process development.

To enquire about this product, please quote SSP05744

Buchi 339 Auto Kjeldahl System   Buchi 339 Auto Kjeldahl System

The B-339 Kjeldahl Unit is a fully automatic system for rapid, problem free steam distillation and integrated titration.

Easy to use through PC style keyboard, menu driven multitasking software. The system comprises the B-339 Distillation and Titration Unit, the B-435 Digestion Unit and the B-412 Aspiration and Scrubber.

Supplied complete with titrator, 3 x 10 litre tanks, 300ml sample tubes, connecting hoses, tube stands, 12 place manifold, 2 x digestion vessel holder/racks, filters and assorted spares.

To enquire about this product, please quote SSP03062

Mettler Toledo DL50 & DL55 Titrator Systems   Mettler Toledo DL50 & DL53 Titrator Systems

Microprocessor control enables end pt, equivalence pt & pH stat titrations as well as KF moisture determination with the DV 705 K F titration stand. RS232 interface allows balance and PC connections.

Mettler Toledo DV 705 Karl Fisher stand accessory incorporating magnetic stirrer, reaction vessel & tubing to waste bottles to DL50 or DL53 control unit.

Mettler Toledo DL70 Titrator System Microprocessor controlled system with max of 4 burette drives, 3 electrode inputs & outputs for stirrer, pump, valve attachments, handles all titration protocols plus KF. The 4 RS232 /CL interface allows expansion to series of peripheral units.

To enquire about this product, please quote SGE05198

Waters HPLC Equipment  

Microm HM450 Sliding Microtome  

For sectioning paraffin, frozen specimens and specialty applications in botany and materials science. Specimen sizes up to 190 x 90 mm can be accommodated. Intelligent and modern electronic control systems coupled with high-precision mechanics result in optimal section quality and reproducibility of even difficult embedded specimens

  • Stable, distortion-free basic construction with zero-backlash and maintenance-free cross roller bearings
  • User-friendly control panel allows for programming of settings & functions
  • Automatic and manual feed from 0 to 100 mm
  • Automatic feed independent of specimen size via reversing the sledge (can be turned off)
  • Compensation for heat extension via stepping motor; 2 mm
  • Specimen orientation via coaxial one-hand adjustment
  • Coaxial knife angle adjustment without having to open the knife clamping

This current model includes the K400 -10C to -45C fast freezing cryo unit

To enquire about this product, please quote SPA05367

Millipore Q plus Water purification system   Millipore Q plus Water purification system

Provides up to 1.5L/min of ultrapure water on demand. Alphanumeric display clearly indicates system operating status at all times an indicator light alerts when QPAK purification pack exchange is necessary.

Uses same QPAK elements as other Milli-Q systems. Recirculates water through QPAK at preset intervals during non-use periods to maintain water purity.

18.2 megohm-cm resistivity, < 10ppb TOC,  Particle-free > 0.22um.
Dimensions: 495 H x 297 W x 433mm x D

To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE03117

Beckman Coulter P/ACE MDQ  

Beckman Coulter P/ACE MDQ

The P/ACE series are automated, programmable capillary electrophoresis systems designed to perform fast separations from complex samples. The system can be reconfigured from a flexible research platform to a tightly regulated routine use platform.

Capillary electrophoresis is utilized in many different industries, including basic biological research, pharmaceutical & biotechnology development, forensic & environmental science.

P/ACE MDQ is designed as a combination of integrated modules so can easily be configured to run a wide variety of procedures, fast and efficiently.


To enquire about this product, please quote SCH05187


Email Air Biological Safety Cabinet Class II

  • Spacious 1200mm with stand
  • Fluorescent & UV lamps, touch pad controls
  • Models available with Hepa filter either left or right

  To enquire about this product, please quote SGE05161

Vilber Lourmat Chemi-Smart 3000  

Vilber Lourmat Chemi-Smart 3000

Digital image acquisition system for the capture of chemiluminescence & flourescence gel images.

Using advanced cooled CCD technology in conjunction with motorized zoom camera, unique darkroom and Bio-Profil software, the Chemi- Smart 3000 forms a complete and powerful system for quantification and documentation for multiple applications.

To enquire about this product, please quote SSP04418

  Refrigerated centrifuge  

 Sigma 4k15

This Sigma 4K15C refrigerated high-speed bench top centrifuge with optional w/deep well titer plate rotor can spin up to 15,000 rpm.

Four place spin out rotor, inserts for 8 x 50 ml, 16 x 15 ml & 80 x 10ml tubesa, temp range of -20 to 40C and an easy-to-use microprocessor controlled interface provides for preselection of gravitational field, speed, rotor and time.

To enquire about this product, please quote SGE05667

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-20 XPI  

Beckman Coulter Avanti J-20 XPI

Refrigerated programmable high performance floor standing centrifuge.

  • Accommodates all Avanti J rotors, forces to 82000 x g (26000rpm)
  • Six-litre batch throughput for bacterial & cell membrane isolation
  • DNA sample prep capability with up to 24 microplates (JS-5.3 Rotor)
  • 3 litre and 4 litre swinging bucket rotors
  • Fast accel and decel times with SR drive
  • Low heat output and low energy consumption

Supplied with either JA 20.1 (32 x 15ml) angle head or JS 13 (4 x 15ml) swing out rotor types. The J-20 is compatible with all existing and current rotors.


To enquire about this product, please quote SGE05186

Newport Scientific Hammer Mill 6000   Newport Scientific Hammer Mill 6000

Features a top loading design and three pronged hammer. Grinds most dry vitreous materials including grains, peas, pulses, soft materials and some resins and rubber.

The Mill 6000 has a high power, sturdy 1.5hp, 16000rpm motor for a trouble free long life and a fully enclosed design for safe and quite operation.

The mill design features minimal carry-over, and interchangeable screens to select the correct particle size for your application.

H x W x D (mm): 600 x 306 x 425
Power supply: 240V 1200W

To enquire about this product, please quote SGE04500

MF-9 Microforge  

Hewlett Packard HP / Agilent 1100 HPLC

The HP 1100 series is a stackable model and arguably the best design in the industry because of the optimized design of the binary pump ensuring virtually pulse-free and stable solvent flow, with dual floating pistons in series, precisely servo-controlled.

This design with variable stroke volume allows pulse-free solvent delivery and efficient mixing. An inlet-valve electronically activated and synchronized to piston stroke - eliminates vapour formation with volatile solvents and is maintenance free. With high-speed proportioning valve and pre-configured vacuum degasser, for convenient low-pressure mixing in a binary solvent system.

The HP 1100 Series system is controlled through a multi-technique HP ChemStation which controls and evaluates data from the HPLC system and can be networked within the laboratory & linked to enterprise networks.

To enquire about this product, please quote SCH05348

Neslab Constant Temperature Baths: RTE 111 & EX 111   Neslab Constant Temperature Baths: RTE 111 & EX 111
  • High performance circulating baths, 7L capacity, digital control, rapid cool down, adjustable high temp / low liquid safety, 2 stage force & suction pumps.
  • Refrigerated unit RTE111: -18C to + 150C
  • Water bath/circulator EX111: ambient to +150C 
  • Stability +/- 0.01C
  • Current models in as 'new condition', some new in original packing.

To enquire about this product, please quote  SGE03032

Buchi R-200 / R-205 Rotavapor   Buchi R-200 / R-205 Rotavapor
  • Lab-scale rotary evaoporator. The Buchi systems provides a continuous vapour duct to prevent cross-contamination and the proven combi-clip makes the unit particulary easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Vertical and horizontal models available with V-800 programmable in-built vacuum controller, digital controlled heating bath B-490 temperature range 20-190C, variable speed to 280rpm, vapour, temperature probe readings on digital display, electrical quick-action motorised jack, includes all high quality 3.3 borosilicate glassware and manuals.
  • V-55 dual head chemical resistant pump to 10mbar also available.

To enquire about this product, please quote  SGE04638

Planer Kryo 10 Series III Programmable Freezer   Planer Kryo 10 Series III Programmable Freezer
  • The Kryo 10 provides controlled rate cooling of biological specimens within the temperature reange of +30C to -180C. The model consists of a 1.7 litre freezing chamber, 200x150mm Dia. for up to 30 x 2ml ampoules or 60 straws.
  • The equipment is normally used with a dewar containing liquid nitrogen fitted with a pump to feed liquid nitrogen to the chamber unit.
  • The operation of the freezer depends on the controlled injection of atomized liquid nitrogen into the work chamber and the pulsing of a heater within the chamber.
  • A programmable temperature controller with integral display and an alpha-numeric plotter records program data.

To enquire about this product, please quote SSP04406

Spex Geno Grinder  

Spex Geno Grinder 2000

  • Ball mill, high intensity for 96 well microplates
  • Speed settings from 500 to 1600 strokes / minute
  • Holds two standard deep well titer plates, spacers included to hold loads up to 60mm high

To equire about this product, please quote SGE04855

Retsch S 1000 Ball Mill   Retsch S 1000 Ball Mill
  • The centrifugal ball mill is suitable for ultrafine batch grinding (wet or dry) of medium hard, hard & brittle and fibrous materials. Extremely high centrifugal forces achieve a high degree of fineness & excelent mixing of the specimens in a very short time.
  • Speed of grinding jars: 100-580rpm
    Digital timer: 1-300mins
    Supplied with 2 agate 125ml jars plus porcelain and s/steel balls

To enquire about this product, please quote  SGE04662

Thermo Forma 3951  

Thermo Forma 3951 Reach-In CO2 Incubator 

Roomy 823 litre interior volume

  • Five adjustable shelves included
  • All stainless steel interior for durability
  • Digital control CO2 & selectable humidification
  • Access ports and interior outlet for convenience

To enquire about this product, please quote  SGE05608


Instron 5544 Material testing system

Tensile / compression tester table top version with single column. Series 5500 uses DSP technology for high accuracy and reliability.

  • Programmable control compression plates and accessories including PC with Merlin fully integrated applications software package to provide optium real-time and post-test flexibility.

To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE05562


Retch Camsizer LA-920

  • Particle size analyser with digital image processing for simultaneous analysis of size (30um~30mm), number and shape in high resolution.
  • The main fields of application are in quality control, research & production monitoring. It is possible to partially or completly automate the measuring procedure.
To enquire about this product, please quote   SGE05756